Auto Insurance Westchester County

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles reports that there were more than 600,000 registered vehicles in Westchester County in 2014. That’s a lot of competition for those three lanes (often less) of traffic. With that many vehicles on the road, a comprehensive auto insurance policy from Guerra Insurance is every driver’s reliable partner while out on the road. Luis Guerra has more than 20 years in the insurance industry, and his team has a commitment to their customers’ complete satisfaction.

All types of vehicles need all types of insurance.

Of the 600,000 vehicles registered in Westchester County in 2014, there were:

  • 13,641 motorcycles
  • 533 mopeds
  • 1,977 buses
  • 3,971 taxis
  • 158 ambulances
  • 755 rentals
  • 5 farm vehicles

For motorcycles, trailers, autos, mopeds, and even boats, Guerra Insurance keeps you covered while you’re out enjoying the great open spaces. Guerra insurance knows their customers and understands their needs and their lifestyles to tailor a customized plan of insurance that best fits their needs. Whether at home, on the road, out in the world, or on the water, your Guerra Insurance policy will stand beside you with protection and peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on happy motoring and having fun.

Enjoy what you insure.

Some of the best road trips in the Northeast are the roads that wind their way through Westchester County. And some of the finest cars in the world cruise through New York City and the Lower Hudson Valley. Expensive autos, tree-lined roads, and lots of company on the road are conditions that make the joy of the open road a communal experience. Car clubs meet and trade niceties, motorcycle clubs organize runs for charity, trailers and campers come to make the great outdoors more accessible and fun. Enjoy the ride without the worry and make sure all your toys are insured with Guerra Insurance.

Insurance is a legal requirement for most motor vehicles and vessels. Beyond liabilities, insurance is important when you need to know that your activity and enthusiasm for the great outdoors (or anyone else’s) won’t take their toll on your vehicle. You’ll be able to enjoy carefree use of your boat, motorcycle, or trailer knowing that you are protected from the unforeseen with Guerra.

Know your limits.

Most Americans are either paying too much for insurance, or they are not paying for the types of insurance coverage that make the most sense for them. Guerra Insurance wants you to be well informed and educated when you purchase insurance so that you have the security you need. They will work with you during your consultations to get you the policies you want and need. Let the team at Guerra Insurance review your current auto insurance or home insurance policy and have them show you where your coverage falls short or where you need another type of policy.