• Benefits of an Insurance Agent


    Life happens. Whether it’s a car accident, natural disaster, a burglary or even a death it’s important to have someone on your side through it all. That is exactly what an insurance agent does! ...

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  • Homeowners insurance

    Not every home insurance policy is the same.


    Do you know the different options that are available in a home insurance policy? Insurance policies protect our homes and belongings in the case of fire, theft, or natural disaster.  Not every ...

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  • Luis Guerra Insurance

    Do you really need an insurance policy?


    Unfortunately, most Americans are either paying too much for insurance, or not paying for the types of insurance coverage that make the most sense for them. The insurance professionals at the ...

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  • Life insurance

    Insurance Agent Ossining


    Will your insurance policy replace all that you’ve lost? Guerra Insurance professionals work with many types of insurance when dealing with their clients in Ossining and throughout Westchester ...

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  • Insurance agent in Ossining, NY

    Auto Insurance Ossining


    Five types of automobile insurance Automobile insurance is a required “to have” in most states. Individual states prescribe minimums on the amounts of coverage drivers are required to maintain to ...

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  • Umbrella insurance

    Home Insurance Company Ossining NY


    Five things to do when your home is damaged Extreme weather can hit during any season of the year in Ossining and surrounding areas in Westchester county, causing minor or extensive damage your ...

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  • Auto insurance

    Insurance Westchester NY


    What Is No-Fault Insurance? It’s a fact of life that our homes, cars, and even our lives need to be insured for losses due to an injury, accident, fire, or death. Insurance helps us or our ...

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  • Life insurance

    Life Insurance Yorktown Heights


    Life Insurance Throughout History The concept of preparing for the inevitable has transited time and cultures from ancient civilizations to today. Life insurance in the form of “burial clubs” ...

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  • Home insurance

    Home Insurance Yorktown Heights NY


    How much homeowner’s insurance do I need? The amount of insurance you need to carry to effectively keep you and your family secure after an event is dependent not only on the value and ...

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  • Insurance agent in Ossining, NY

    Auto Insurance Yorktown Heights


    Does My Driving a Hybrid Car Affect My Insurance Rates? The sales of hybrid cars and the up-and-coming all-electric vehicles are increasing as this technology becomes more refined and available ...

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